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the party...

more gold than gold. you can't stop grinning, you won't stop moving. subtle shades of 60's psychedelic pop floating on the get down of a mid-70's Times Square new years eve. the attitude is sheer punk, the vibe is all inclusive, the sound is neo post moderne retro futuristic new. the broken social radio heads of pixie fire. Our mission is simple.


Matthew Chenoweth (guitars, keys, vocals)
Justin Gray (bass)
Susannah Wallace (keys, violin, vocals)
Kevin Wallace (drums, percussion, vocals)
Wilson Sheldon (guitars, keys, vocals)
Tom Tapley (guitars, percussion)

members of the goldest

as people...

friendship is second only to money. and they've spent plenty, and made little, in bands like Dropsonic, Jupiter Watts, The Sudden Rays, 3D5spd, Brain Box, Crab Daddy, American Dream, Long Knives, Ruvolo, Teen Wheat, Envie, The Black Kites, Trampoline, Shamgod, Day Mars Ray, Soft Collision, and more.

as a band...

they think they stand on firm musical ground. but they lucked into being filmed for We Fun because the filmakers wanted to shoot Southern Tracks recording studio and the band happened to be there that day. In addition to the cutting room floor, the filmakers offered to ignore a licensing deal as well. they've played some high-profile shows, but they only move thier CD's because they give them away free. the band's MySpace page is remarkably average and offers nothing to shout about. It's also been noticed they can be somewhat 'ripe' when they haven't showered.

gigs with...

Margo and the Nuclear So & Sos (Epic records)
Audrye Sessions (Black Seal records)
Wild Sweet Orange (Canvasback Music)
What Made Milwaukee Famous (Barsuk records)
Cassavetes (Headphone Treats records)
Warm in the Wake (labels label records)
Cadillac Jones (AFT records)

the party...

is a spontaneous, collective effort. songs can go from 1st note to 1st mix in under 8 hrs. the band think's it's important to have as much creative collaboration as possible. the recordings tout guest performances by James Hall (on trumpet! no less), Michelle Dubois (Luigi and Ultrababyfat), Tracy Clark (the Preakness), Clay Fowler (Jupiter Watts), John Seasle (Tag Team and the EARL), horns from Cadillac Jones and Gold Sparkle Band, and Scott Wilbanks of Third Day on keys. guests have added tremendous vocals, beautiful horns, stark flutes, and schizophrenic sax solos. It only gets better.

the response ( August 2008)...

"The Goldest is not a tough listen, it's really enjoyable and exudes integrity. The production is second to none...the songwriting keeps you hanging on with beautiful pop melodies that seem to say "lighten up" as they smile at you. ...this is an incredibly strong summer evening record. If you want a comparison for [them] at first it may come across as Cardigans but then seems to follow a little closer to Tilly and the Wall with it's seriously well thought out vocal part harmonies, but you'll come to the final conclusion I did.
This is what ABBA would write if they were around today."

Kevin's mom loved this, but we paid for a reference to The Beatles, so we're getting our money back.

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